Types of Patio Design

Types of patio design

Finding the best patio layers is crucial to ensuring your garden is finished to the highest standards possible. You not only want to find a patio design that stands out but a practical one too. A good design can make your outdoor space more functional and can be an extension of your home. Your patio can be your go-to place during those summer months. So, what patio design ideas should you consider?

Make wood your central feature

Like patio layers, wooden patio features are appealing and super versatile. Using woods, such as cherry or birch, can be ideal as they enhance your designs perfectly. It’s natural, and flexible, and will highlight any pathways to a dining area. Plank paving is excellent to offer the illusion of space, which is perfect in smaller gardens. It’s practical and easy on the eye; plus, it doesn’t require much maintenance either.

The patio layers effect

Layering is perfect when you want to create contrast within the patio areas. For instance, you have beautiful stonework designs that make up a portion of the patio, with artificial grass leading off to a suntrap area. These patio layers help add new elements to the design and allow you to play around with more materials. On a plus note, it allows for multiple designs on a smaller scale.

Circular stone detailing

Natural stone works very well when you want to create a stunning patio. Let’s say you wanted to create a small, enclosed seating area. You could opt for a round semi, 3-feet wall design with natural stone detailing to finish. This gives a beautiful appearance and showcases natural stone in all its glory. You could add these with different patio layers or use them throughout.

Patterns add elegance

Choosing between patio layers and one simple design can be tough. You have lots of ideas and are torn over design, budget, and practicality. So, to make it easier, choose a simple pattern. Whether you want to use several different materials or otherwise, you want a good pattern that is pleasing to the eye. It’ll make the patio more attractive.

Less is more with smaller gardens

When you have a relatively small garden, you need to be practical about what you can and cannot do. Going for an over-the-top or exaggerated design is wasteful because it gets lost. Instead, opt for natural stones with a few planters and practical furniture. This can be far more effective than trying to cram in a dozen different designs. You could even choose patio layers to separate the dining area from the lounge area.

Choose your designs carefully Patios are an extra room of the home when they are finished well. It must be functional and practical for all purposes. Fortunately, there are lots of great designs to choose from, such as natural stones, bold patterns, and adding several layers. Whether you’re choosing patio layers or one-level design, ensure it is something you love.