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Hi, I’m Dean, founder and managing director of Landscape Machine Ltd.

After working in the industry for over 10 years, gaining experience, knowledge and becoming a master in residential and domestic landscaping, in 2014 we decided to make our own stamp on the industry. We needed a name, we wanted to combine the elements of an elegantly finished landscape with the ruggedness of the construction process. A representation of hard work, determination, precision and beauty. ‘Landscape Machine’ was born!

We began as a team of 2 and quickly established ourselves in Waltham Forest and built a solid reputation for creating amazing gardens, slowly branching out to the whole of East London making Landscape Machine synonymous with hard work, precision and value.

We gathered momentum, completing over 200 projects and picking up our first award in 2019. We now have a core team of 4 highly skilled landscapers and continue to pave the way in being East London's #1 landscape gardening company. (Pun not intended!)

What makes Landscape Machine.... Landscape Machine.

100% positive reviews
Innovative Ideas
Customer Focused
Expert Workmanship
Experienced Team
Local Business

We have a wealth of experience working on properties across East London

If there's one thing we know, its how to make your garden look amazing!

We have over 50+ years of combined experience working on a wide variety of properties across East London. From traditional Victorian properties to modern and contemporary new builds.

Whether you have a young family and are looking for a child friendly garden or would like a more adult friendly area for entertaining, contact us today to see how we can help bring your ideas to reality.

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Why Us?

What makes us East London’s #1 landscape gardening company?

First Class Service

Customer service is our priority, from your initial contact with Landscape Machine you will immediately notice an unparalleled level of service.


We understand each garden project is totally unique as our clients have individual requirements and ideas. We take our time to really understand and identify each of our client’s requests and provide professional advice and guidance to help develop your ideas into reality.


Once your garden is complete, we offer lifetime support and guidance on all things garden related, you will receive a login to our members area where you can find regularly updated information and ongoing support to ensure your garden continues to look great in years to come. 

Years of Experience

We have an abundance of experience working on properties across East London!


With a combined experience of over 50+ years in the landscaping industry we have an extensive array skills to take your ideas to reality.


We have  a strong team with each member having their own individual specialist skill set. From a qualified stone mason to a carpentry and timber expert, when it comes to transforming your garden, we have every base covered!  Let us demonstrate our impeccable skills by giving us a call today!

Proven Track Record

Don’t just take our word for it, with a simple google search you will uncover our immaculate track record with 100% positive reviews and feedback across every trade platform since we began, 6 years ago!


We are also;

  • Members of the Trustatrader association.
  • Trusted members of
  • Houzz Pro member.
  • Bark Professional.

Our Achievements

Take a look at some of our most recent awards and achievements!

Best Full Service Landscape Gardening Company 2019 - South East England

In 2019 we were gifted with the award of ‘Best Full Service Landscape Gardening Company 2019 – South East England’. We were presented this award from the prestigious acquisition international awarding body. You can view our award here.

Reached The Final Shortlist For MyBuilder Job of The Year 2018

With 1000’s of jobs being completed each year through , we were nominated along with 2000+ other constructions companies for ‘MyBuilder 2018 Job of The Year’.

We made the final shortlist!

Although disappointing we didn’t win, we still managed to reach the final 12 out of 2000+ entries! Not bad!


Check out our shortlisted project here

Fence Installation Service of The Year 2019

2019 was a good year for the Landscape Machine team.


We also picked up the prestigious Corporate Livewire ‘London Prestige’ award for ‘Fencing Installation Service of The Year 2019’.


With fencing being a key element to any garden, it gave us great pride pick up an award for our fencing installation services!

Our History

Where we started  & where we’e heading!

Early Beginnings

Landscape Machine began in late 2014, with 1 goal in mind, become the best landscaping company in East London!


Armoured with a strong skill set, years of experience and a vision, Landscape Machine was born.


Although we were not established and had no marketing budget, surprisingly we managed to gain a small selection of clients. Our plan was simple, provide a finished product and service that was soo good our clients would feel the need to tell everybody they met about their new garden and us!


Which they did!


Word slowly spread and Landscape Machine began…

Breaking an Industry

With great work, unparalleled levels of customer service and years of consistency we slowly began establishing ourselves as one of the most reputable landscaping companies in London.


Reputations can take a lifetime to build and its taking years of persistence, hard work and commitment to our craft to finally establish ourselves as industry leaders.


We are a team of highly driven and focused individuals who take pride in our work and feel privileged to of built a career through collectively showcasing our skills and talents.

Leading by Example

After consistently providing excellence year on year, we have been recognised by industry professionals, awarding bodies and our clients to be East Londons best landscape gardening company.


We have displayed years of great work and immaculate customer service. We now feel we must lead by example and continue to provide and improve new elements of our business to ensure we continue outshine all other landscape gardening companies across every level.


Call us today and let us show you why we’re landscaping leaders!

Our Team

Multi skilled individuals committed to group effort!


Our skills enable us to carry out work to highly impressive standards.


We are highly skilled individuals with broad skill sets that come together as a team to build amazing gardens.


As landscaping covers a wide variety of skills its important to ensure we have a diverse team! This allows us to approach each task with confidence and ensure our skills and ability are second to none!


With a combined experience of over 50+ years there isn’t  much we haven’t seen before!


Within the landscaping industry experience is priceless, our experience within the industry and experience as a team allows us to work at pace and precision enabling us to have your garden completed to the highest of standard and having work completed for your within strict time frames.


With an experienced team from an array of backgrounds our core team consists of qualified carpenters to a stone specialist, experience is key!


We consider ourselves the best, but the best can always get better!


We are all highly skilled professionals and we are always looking to self develop and improve as individuals. This not only provides us with pride but also enables us to build a stronger team as we continue to take Landscape Machine through different levels.


We partake in regular training, as new products are released to the market we ensure we are amongst the first to receive training to help us stay on top of our game and continue to lead from the front!

The Future

How we are preparing for the future!

Our Goals

Goals are important, we feel without goals, there is no development.


Our goal is to continue to grow as a business and be able to offer our clients a unique service which other companies are unable to replicate.


We are always looking for unique ideas to help us create better customer service and build stronger client relationships, our goal is to create a level of customer service and satisfaction which goes far and beyond any other landscaping company.

Planning Ahead

We’re always planning ahead. For us landscaping isn’t a job, its a hobby and a way of life.


We’re always seeking out new materials, watching trends and keeping an eye on whats fashionable within the gardening industry. We’re always keen to analyse and research new products. Where we feel a new product will attract attention we aim to be the first to test it so we can pass on valuable, informed, professional advice to our clients!


Sustainability is a huge part of our business.


Climate change is imminent and we must all do our best to stop the demise of our planet. We have always been committed to sourcing materials and disposing of waste responsibly. We only use sustainably sourced FSC certified timber and work with responsible waste carriers who hold recycling at the forefront of their business. We are working to ensure a safer, cleaner and better tomorrow for all!

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