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Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping consists of the elements which make-up the structure of a landscape, from brickwork and retaining walls to patios and block paving.

It’s also what identifies areas of a garden and enables you to determine how certain areas would be utilised.

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Replacement Manholes

Most gardens have manholes, we ensure these are replaced with every patio install.


Block work is a great addition to any garden and contributes to multiple elements of landscaping.

Rendered Flowerbeds

Block work and render create a contemporary finish to any garden, they also make great raised beds!


Hard landscaping is the main contributor to a great looking garden.


Make your garden unique and suitable for you and your family.

Low maintenance

Hard landscaping is a key in creating a low maintenance outdoor space.


Hard landscaping is completely customisable, create spaces designed especially for you!

Delineate areas

Hard landscaping defines pathways, entertainment areas, planters and flower beds.


Hard landscaping allows you to access and utilise your whole outdoor space.

What Does Hard Landscaping Cover?

Hard landscaping is a term many people are unfamiliar with, especially if this is your first time having work on your garden.

Hard landscaping is very important when building a garden as it’s a very broad term used to describe most aspects of garden construction. Put simply, hard landscaping covers the installation of hard materials that contribute to the structure and help delineate areas of your garden.

Hard landscaping also differentiates and often displays what different areas are used for. For example, once hard landscaped there will be an obvious difference between a flower bed and a pathway. In short, hard landscaping gives your garden structure and purpose.

Hard landscaping includes

  • Timber or brick edging
  • Creating water features and fountains
  • Building raised beds
  • Garden retaining walls
  • Building patios or steps

  • Block paving & driveways
  • Creating garden paths
  • Garden wall construction
  • Garden fencing
  • Laying concrete or block paving

  • Decking
  • Drainage
  • Garden pergola build
  • Installing outdoor lighting
  • Garden seating or outdoor dining areas

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