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Outdoor and Garden Lighting

Lighting is a great addition to any garden.

Outdoor lighting adds a further element of design and also provides safety and security benefits.

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LED Lighting

Security Lighting

Motioned sensored lighting has a range of benefits , being able to see all of your property in the dark is key to ensuring the security of your home.

LED Lighting

LED lighting gives a contemporary feel to any garden, with their brightness and flexibility they make ideal mood lighting.

Garden Lighting

Illumination of your garden draws attention and heightens the effects of your planting and design. You'll literally see your garden in a new light.


Outdoor lighting and illumination makes your garden look amazing after sunset.


Outdoor lighting enables you to navigate your garden safely after dark.

Expand living space

With the use of outdoor lighting it allows you to utilise your garden to its full extent throughout the evening.

Add Value

Lighting is very attractive and adds instant appeal when you decide to sell your property.


Professional outdoor lighting creates a great ambience and can enhance your mood and heighten relaxation.


Motion sensor lighting is a great addition to securing your property and detering unwanted intruders.

What makes outdoor lighting so popular?

At Landscape Machine we work alongside our skilled, qualified electrician to build your garden and implement illumination in style. Lighting adds a great element of design to any garden and has plenty of practical benefits.

Outdoor lighting is popular for numerous reasons, the ability to use your garden after dark is the main reason our clients install outdoor lighting, entertaining into the evening is generally on the top of most of our client’s agenda. Lighting also adds a huge element of safety and security to your property, being able to navigate your garden after dark and being notified of any movement on your property with the aid of motion sensored lighting provides priceless peace of mind.

We install a range of outdoor lighting to fulfil all of our client’s needs, its ideal to have lighting installed alongside your garden being constructed as it allows us to implement lighting into structures. You can simply mount lights into your deck and patio whilst still under construction and create seamless finishes throughout.

Security Lighting

At Landscape Machine we install a wide range of safety and security lighting. Lighting can be utilised to illuminate side access’, garages, out buildings and all entrances to your property. We recommend using passive infrared outdoor lighting (which is triggered by movement), these are most successful when attempting to deter intruders. An alternative would be ‘dusk to dawn’ lamps which will remain on throughout the night for added protection.

LED Lighting

LED lights are ideal for any garden as they come in many forms, they can be used as strips under ridges or mounted onto walls and into decking. LED lights are popular as they are free of all harsh chemicals and do not emit UV rays. LED lights are also 100% recyclable so have environmental benefits and contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. LED lights look great in all gardens and come in a huge variety and provide you with multiple options when illuminating your outdoor areas.

In-Ground Lighting

In-ground lighting is lighting that has been mounted into the ground, it can also be referred to as in floor lighting when used indoors. Using in-ground lighting is a great was to highlight and illuminate certain aspects of your garden, its primary use is within pathways and driveways often used as a guide or to highlight a specific walkway. This lighting is also used to illuminate flower beds and highlight specific shrubbery and plants after dark, you really do see your garden in different light!

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