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Fences are a necessity for any garden. Fencing can add a new element of design and provide you and your family with privacy and security.

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Feather Edge Fencing

A timeless timber classic, a cost effective boundary with great aesthetics.

Concrete Fencing

Traditional concrete post and gravel board with slotted timber fence panels.

Custom Fencing

With gardens becoming more stylish, why not turn your fence into an element of your gardens design!


Regardless of style, a professionally installed fence by Landscape Machine always looks amazing!


Fencing creates a shelter from strong winds and adds great protection to flower beds.


Fencing looks great and provides privacy for you and your family.


Timber fencing is completely customisable and can be constructed to your exact preference.


Fencing keeps your pets safe and restricted from entering neighbouring gardens.


A professionally installed fence provides a secure boundary for you and your family.

What fence is right for me?

Fencing is a necessity for every garden, the main purpose of a fence is to create a boundary between land owned by 2 different people. Fencing also offers privacy and security for you and your family and can also add elements of design and style to your garden.

Deciding what fence is best for you can be tricky and depends on your location and surroundings. If your property boundaries a public walkway you may prefer a higher fence installed for added privacy and security. Whereas if you live in a mid-terraced property and have a narrow garden you may be best suited to a low fence to increase sunlight.

In some cases, your choice will be limited. Over time trees and shrubs will grow and It’s not uncommon for boundaries to become obstructed, dependant on whether you or your neighbours would like to keep the obstruction will depend on the style of fence you can have installed. For example, when installing concrete post and gravel board fencing the panels and gravel boards are 1.8m in length which requires your posts to be installed exactly 1.8m apart. In some cases, if the boundary is obstructed this wouldn’t be possible, making feather edge best suited as this can be customised to avoid obstructions. If unsure or you would like to discuss your fence, feel free to give us a call today!

Feather Edge

Feather edge fencing provides a clear secure boundary and is our most popular style of fencing. It’s the most cost-effective style and can be completely customisable, you can decide the exact height of the fence and it’s great to work around obstructions. Feather edge fencing is constructed with 4x4 timber posts, arris rail, 6x1 and feather edge slats. For more information on feather edge fencing or to discuss your fence, give us a call today.


Concrete post and gravel board is a classic style of fencing. It’s a very popular choice as it holds the longest life span and you can simply slot out and replace the timber panels in the future with ease. This style of fencing is perfect for an end of terrace property as it not only looks great but is also the strongest. This fencing is constructed with concrete post, concrete gravel board and there is a variety of slotted fence panels to suit all gardens and budgets.

Custom & Hardwood

Custom made fencing can be constructed with a range of materials, if you’re thinking of having a custom-made fence installed our clients generally tend to opt for hardwood as this provides the best aesthetics and holds the longest life span. There are 2 types of hardwood timber we install (Cedar & Meranti). Premium timber is a more costly alternative, some clients opt for softwood as you can receive the same effects more cost effectively.

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