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Wood and Composite Decking

Decking makes the perfect addition to any garden.

Decking is great for creating spaces for entertaining and is also ideal for creating usable areas over steep or uneven terrain.

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Softwood Decking

Softwood is our most popular deck option, mainly due to its cost effectiveness and practicality.

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking is a luxury alternative and offers unmatched aesthetics and a longer lifespan.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a combination of timber and synthetic material combined to produce an traditional looking timber alternative.


Decking looks fantastic and is a great addition to any garden!

Simply change colour

Decking can easily be stained or painted to match your gardens surroundings.

Great for uneven gound

Decking is the perfect option to create level usable areas over uneven or steep terrain.

Be creative

Decking is very versatile and can be used to create integrated bench seats, storage, flower beds.

Ideal for bi fold doors

Decking is perfect for bifold doors as it can be installed at door frame height creating step free garden access

Child friendly

Simply install hand rail and add a gate to create a safe segregated area for children.

What makes decking so popular?

Decking is a great addition to any home; at Landscape Machine we supply and install 3 types of decking and have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best quality available. Not only does decking look amazing, it’s also extremely practical! Decking is the perfect choice if you want to create a level area over steep ground or you want to raise your garden to create step free access.

Decking is perfect for entertaining! Timber is a versatile material which allows creativity as you can easily integrate lights, bench seats, storage, steps, flower beds, handrail, the list goes on! We have been installing decking for many years and have constructed a wide variety across East London, you can check out our previous work on our portfolio page!

Other than composite decking, traditional timber decking is casted into 2 categories: Hardwood and softwood. The main difference is hardwood decking is sourced from slower growing trees, these trees are generally referred to as broadleaved trees whereas softwood is milled from a faster growing evergreen or coniferous tree. Naturally hardwood requires a more difficult manufacturing and installation process then softwood which is one of the reasons why softwood is a more popular cost-effective option.


Our softwood decking is the most cost effective and most popular choice of decking material. The softwood decking we supply and install is made from coniferous, evergreen trees such as pine and spruce, which has been sourced responsibly and is FSC certified. We source our decking from local approved suppliers which we have been working with for many years . The decking boards themselves are duel sided, upside is a smooth planed contemporary finish and the underside is a more traditional grooved finish (check out our portfolio for more photos). The decking board size is 27 x 144mm and is preservative pre-treated with Tanalith UC3.


The hardwood decking we install is Yellow Balau; It’s the most popular choice of hardwood deck due to its natural resistance to insect attack and fungal infestation. It’s a tropical hardwood that is not sourced from a single tree species, there are around 190 yellow balau sourcing trees and they are found in southeast Asia, more specifically Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. This stunning timber is golden yellow with a hint of red and brown which gradually fades into a natural beautiful silver/grey. This timber is hard, heavy, strong and requires a slightly more skilled and intensive installation process. Check our portfolio to see our recent work.


We install a range of composite decking, there are plenty of manufacturers with most requiring a similar installation process. Costs for composite decking varies drastically dependant on quality, however all composite decking is manmade and consists of a mixture of timber fibres, plastics and bonding agents. Composite boards can be more desirable as they require less maintenance, they’re also very inviting and look great. If you are interested in installing composite decking at your home, we can provide a range of help, advice and guidance on which manufacturer best suits your property, preference and budget.

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