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Artificial Lawns and Turf

A lawn makes the perfect addition to any garden. Whether you want to create a classic striped English garden or a safe place for children to play, nothing is more inviting than an immaculate lawn.

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Small Lawns

Small lawns create a great place for lounging.

Larger Lawns

If you have the space, go big! Large lawns create a great place for activiies.

Artificial Lawns

Artificial lawns provide an inviting green area without the maintenance.

Child friendly

Lawns are a perfect place for safe activities and garden games with children!


With the choice of real and artificial lawns, you are in control of the level of maintenance.

Create open spaces

Lawns create large open spaces and are great for garden activities.


Nothing beats a well kept, immaculate real or artificial lawn.


Real lawns at home are scientifically proven benefit our health and well-being!

Add value

A well maintained or artificial lawn gives instant curb appeal and can increase the value of your property.

Why Choose Artificial Lawn over Real Grass

Real turf or artificial turf is a question we get asked regularly and there is no right or wrong answer, both have plenty of pro’s and con’s. The most obvious benefit of having an artificial lawn is not spending your day off work mowing it. However artificial lawns to have plenty of cons too, although artificial lawns are becoming increasingly popular, experts say it could have an effect on our British wildlife and lead to bigger problems with our ecological system further down the line. Before you make the call, we’ve put together a snippet of info to help you make a more informed decision.

What do you need to know;

1. What will your lawn be used for?
2. How busy are you? And will you have time to upkeep a real lawn?
3. What is my budget? (Artificial lawns are more expensive!)
4. Will children and pets be using the space regularly?
5. Is my garden capable of growing a healthy lawn?

Once you understand the purpose of your new lawn and have identified the pros and cons, it should be a lot easier to make an informed decision.

Real Lawns


• Great for the environment. An average sized lawn can capture up to 300 pounds of carbon per year!
• Real green spaces are great for our health and wellbeing. There’s scientific evidence to support that people with real lawns in their back garden are generally happier than those without.
• A well maintained real lawn looks more inviting than any artificial lawn.
• A real lawn will compliment your plant and insect life as well as benefitting the whole ecological makeup of your garden.
• A real lawn is a lot more cost effective, giving you a higher budget for other areas of your garden.


• You will need to dedicate your time, especially in the summer to maintain your green space if you want it to look great.
• If you don’t have time, you can book us for regular maintenance.
• Real lawns are not great with heavy foot traffic, if you decide to host a BBQ on the lawn it may not return to good condition for weeks.

Artificial Lawns


• Low maintenance and very little ongoing upkeep costs.
• The lawn can deal with high levels of foot traffic.
• You can use your lawn throughout the year and not worry about getting muddy.
• You can lay the grass anywhere in your garden and it will look pristine, no need to worry about shady areas.


• Cost, artificial lawns are more costly to supply and install when compared to real lawns.
• Artificial lawns do not lay well on steep areas so your garden will have to be relatively level prior to any landscaping works.
• Experts have discovered artificial lawns harm the local ecological system.

Turf can be laid at any time of year however there are benefits to having a new lawn laid in early spring and early-mid autumn. It’s always easier to work with mother nature than against it, early spring and autumn is when plants generally take on the majority of their growth, also the days remain fairly long and the ground remains moist for longer periods of time, meaning far less initial maintenance and less watering. Once your new lawn is laid you will be required to keep directly off of the new turf for at least 3 weeks, making it more convenient to have a lawn laid when the garden is not in regular use.

Type of lawn

We source our topsoil and lawns from a well-known trusted supplier which we have been working with for many years. The turf we lay is known as ‘Greenscape’ Lawn and its designed for urban inner-city gardens. The turf has a medium texture and is very fast rooting, it’s also extremely hard wearing and keeps its colour all year round. The typical seed composition is a mixture of 5 grass species, consisting of approx.; 25% Abersprite, 15% Limousine, 20% Abercharm, 20% Louisa & 20% Swing, all highly rated species and together create a great looking lawn, perfect for the London garden.


Maintaining your new lawn is very straight forward, however it does require a certain amount of care and attention to ensure it thrives and continues to live a healthy life. New lawns require regular watering and its imperative to not walk across your new lawn for at least 3 weeks. If you need to access areas of your lawn its best to use boards to distribute your weight. Once the initial bedding period has passed, grass is very hardy and will require less attention. If we have laid a new lawn in your garden, please see our members area for more information on how to maintain your new lawn!

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