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Patio and Paving Laying

Paving makes the perfect addition to any garden. Generally installed to create hard standing entertainment areas, natural stone patios look amazing and add value to any property!

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Cobble Sets

Natural stone cobble sets create a great traditional feel to any garden.

Paving Slabs

Natural stone patios are incomparable, they look amazing, create beautiful entertainment areas and add value to any property.

Block Paving

Typically used for driveways block paving can be used in any outdoor area and they look great!


Patios and paved areas create inviting great looking spaces to any garden.

Entertainment Areas

Patios are a great place for hosting BBQs and outdoor entertaining!

Low Maintenance

If you lead a busy life, patios are ideal and they are very low maintenance.

Add Value

A professionally installed patio will add long term value to your property.


Patios are a great investment, a professionally laid patio will last and look great year after year.


There's plenty of varieties of paving to suit all styles of property.

What Makes Patio and Paving Popular?

Paving is a popular choice amongst most landscaping projects, patios act as a hard standing area to your garden allowing you to entertain patios also give you a level hardstanding area to support BBQ’s outdoor dining sets, tables tennis tables and plenty of other garden objects. Patios are usually installed to the back of properties giving you immediate access to your patio from your back door. Patios are popular due to there being a hude variety of colours and styles, their ability to immediately add value to your property, when professionally laid look amazing, have a long lifespan and are also low maintenance.

There is a huge variety of paving, at Landscape Machine we specialise in natural stone patios which generally consist of sandstone, limestone, slate, granite and porcelain. Your patio solely depends on your personal preference, the style of your property and your budget. You can always call us for help and advice when selecting your stone and we can offer friendly guidance on what would best suit your needs.

Stone Patios

Its safe to say natural stone and porcelain are the most popular choice when deciding on a patio. Although there are still a huge variety, at Landscape Machine we offer free help and advice on selecting the best patio for your property! We are able to provide you with free paving samples and will share our extensive portfolio helping you make an informed decision on which stone will benefit you and your property the most. Call us today to discuss your paving project!

Cobble Sets

Cobble sets are created from natural stone and offer a traditional alternative to natural stone patio slabs. These come in a wide variety of sizes and colours which can sometimes make choosing an exact style difficult. You can feel free to give us a call for some friendly help and advice on selecting a type which is best for you and your property. We have years of experience installing cobble sets across East London on many different properties, from traditional Victorian properties to contemporary new builds.

Block Paving

Block paving is a popular and favourite choice for driveways. Its a traditional method and looks great. There is a huge amount of choice and different colours available, you can also get creative and introduce unique patterns to each block paving installation. Although predominantly used for driveways in the UK, block paving is an alternative to a back garden patio. If you're looking to have block paving installed on your property please feel free to give us a call to discuss your ideas today!

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