Hardscaping: How To Reinvent Your Back Garden

Looking for hard landscaping in Essex? Read on to learn all about how landscape gardening could help you to rethink your outdoor area. Every garden is a unique opportunity – at least that’s how we feel here at Landscape Machine. Many people feel that the size or shape of their garden can be limiting. Some feel that their garden just isn’t big enough to give that spacious outdoor atmosphere, while others struggle to work around obstacles like sheds and greenhouses. Today, we’ll be exploring how hardscaping can turn those limitations into features and why your garden has the potential to be as luscious and vibrant as you’ve always dreamed.

Hardscaping Versus Softscaping

Let’s start with some definitions: what is hardscaping? Unlike softscaping, which refers to the living elements in your garden – the grass, the trees, the flowers, etc – hardscaping refers to non-living features such as stone paths and bird baths. In many ways, hardscaping can be seen as the foundation for softscaping. The hardscaping outlines and defines what your garden will be. Put simply, while the flowers themselves are softscaping, the raised beds they are in is hardscaping.

Why it’s Important to Define the Shape of Your Garden

A garden is, in some ways, much like a painting. When an artist sits down to paint, they consider the subject of the painting – the place where the eye will first be drawn and which all surrounding elements must support. Designing a garden is a similar type of composition. Without hardscaping features a garden can feel wild and chaotic, lacking in cohesion or overall vision. While this style can be appealing to those looking for a more wild and naturalistic look, it generally works better in large open spaces rather than the confines of the average garden.

Just in Time For Summer

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to rejuvenate your back garden with a new patio or, perhaps even, a nice water feature. If you look forward to sitting back and relaxing with a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other then what could be better than a new and gorgeous garden?

Hard Landscaping in Essex

If you’re looking for the best hard landscaping in Essex, then you’ve absolutely come to the right place. Here at Landscape Machine we offer everything from patios and paving to turfing your new lawn. Even better, we’ll work with you to help design the perfect outdoor space. Call today at 020 8914 7876 or contact us through the form on our website and we’ll arrange to meet at your home at a time that’s convenient for you. You’ll receive a free quote with no obligation on your end! Your dream garden is just around the corner so get in touch today to learn more about hard landscaping in Essex!