How To Keep Your Garden Healthy in Summer

How to Keep Your Garden Healthy in Summer

Summer is a challenge for any gardener, especially when the sun  graces us and leaves all your plants thirsty. If you apply the right garden maintenance techniques you, and your garden, can make it through any summer.

Have a plan

The key to maintaining a healthy garden all year round is planning it well. If you want your garden to survive the summer you need to determine the best course of action for watering, mowing, weeding and fertilising. 

Water wisely

When the heat does come your first thought is probably going to be watering, however, you should be mindful of what time of day to do this. Being a morning person can really help, as this is the best time to water your garden.

Before you start watering willy nilly, check to see if your plants are wilted. If they are wilted, water them deeply, this will encourage the roots to grow deeper and away from the sun. Be careful not to get too much water on the leaves, as this can encourage disease. Instead, water deep into the roots.

Use compost carefully

If you are using garden waste to fertilise your garden make sure it is fully composted, otherwise you may be endangering your plants. Waste that is in the process of composting will generate high temperatures for an extended period of time, if you use this in your garden it has the potential to introduce disease.

Weed often

Weeding is one of the most draining garden maintenance tasks, but unfortunately it is unavoidable. During summer the weeds get thirsty, just like your plants. This means they will compete with other plants for water and nutrients. Getting rid of them as soon as you can is key to protecting your plants.

Watch out for bugs

A bug creates an opening for viruses and bacteria. Most bugs act as transport systems for viruses which can easily kill your plants. Ridding bugs from your plants should be a regular part of your garden maintenance routine. If you feel bad killing them you could set up a bug hotel far away from your precious plants, this gives the bugs a place to live without threatening your beautiful garden.

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