Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Landscape Designer

Choosing the right landscape designer is key to ensuring your exterior location like garden, car park, entertainment area or restaurant has the best possible outside design and features. This could include a swimming pool, pathways, a maze and most importantly – a beautiful garden patio for you, your friends and your children to enjoy!

Picking The Right Landscape Designer      

Knowing what you want from your landscape designer is key to ensure that you get the best possible work. It’s important to be specific and clear in your client brief, so they know exactly what you want. 

For example, if you require a pool, there are certain factors to take into account: where do you want the pool, how big it should be, steps or no steps, how wide / how deep and most importantly – your budget. 

A prepared document will ensure that there’s little confusion with your landscape planner so there won’t be any future problems. It’s recommended to communicate all this clearly in advance before any of the planning, design or concrete work has begun.

There are many different styles of landscape design so it’s important to know your chosen aesthetic.  For example, the woodland landscaping style is particularly popular for rural locations like a peaceful cabin and remote house. This is a nice choice if you’re looking for a structure that includes wooden benches, stone paths, birdhouses and a classic woodland feel. 

The English Garden style is popular for an English cottage or house in the countryside. Or even for a suburban property, as the English Garden style includes shrubbery, trees and a small pond or reflecting pool. A birdbath and cobblestone path are also key features. There are other great styles that are worth investing in like Japanese and Tuscan Garden styles.

Most importantly, do your due diligence and investigate the company’s reputation, reviews and qualifications. Ask your friends, family or colleagues for landscape designers that they’ve used and are happy with. Look in-detail at their previous work to ensure they have the experience, crew and talent necessary to deliver your desired design.

Verify the landscape designer on trusted sites like, Houzz,, Google reviews and Bark Professional. A landscape company that has been shortlisted or won awards is always a good sign.