The Best Ways To Incorporate Water Into Your Landscape Designed Garden

The Best Ways To Incorporate Water Into Your Landscape Designed Garden

As any landscape designer could tell you, people love water. There’s something about water, particularly water in motion, that just draws our eyes. Buildings built near water-fronts tend to be more expensive and hoteliers often place extra value on an ocean view.

But you don’t have to move to the seaside or set yourself up on a river boat just to get a view of the water once in a while. With a good landscape designer you can have just the same effect in your own back garden and today we’re going to talk about how.

Ponds And Pools

If you want to make life simple for yourself, then ponds and pools are a great way to go. They tend to be relatively low maintenance and can be scaled to fit the size of your back garden.

They also make great environments for wildlife. If you’re lucky you might find frogs living in your pond, or else you might choose to purchase a few fish to swim around. A little bit of nature can add a lot of character.

Running Water

If you’re looking for running water then things get quite a bit more advanced, but a good landscape designer should nonetheless be able to accommodate your needs. Landscape designers have plenty of experience working out what can and can’t be done in a space and they should be able to help you to maximise the potential of your garden.

Whether it’s an enormous fountain or a small stream, consulting a landscape gardener could save you a tremendous amount of time, money and effort whilst still getting you the result you’re looking for.


Of course, one thing you’ll absolutely need to consider is the water source. For a pond or pool, this is less of a problem because what you lose from evaporation should be filled up by rainfall, but for more complex designs, it’s vital to consider where the water is coming from.

Once again, rainfall is the answer, though collecting it may be more of a challenge. With the help of a landscape designer, you should be able to find a good place to store water butts which, in conjunction with a well-placed guttering system, should function as the perfect solution to all of your water needs.

At the end of the day, whether you’re looking to create a miniature jungle or an ornate garden, you’ll want to harness nature as best you can. Including water will go a long way towards achieving this goal whilst also bringing more life and energy into your garden. Because you deserve the very best in landscape design.