Eco Gardening Tips From Our Landscape Designers

For many people, gardening is a great hobby, a chance to enjoy the great outdoors and to invest time into something that will (hopefully) give back to you – your garden!

If you want to take your gardening to the next level, you might want to seek out ways to make your hobby more sustainable. Whilst there is no set definition of what makes a garden sustainable, our landscape designers see it as a garden that aims to benefit the environment, rather than harm it. 

Sustainable gardening companies, such as ours, aim to avoid excess waste, minimising their impact on the garden itself and the local ecosystem. If you would like to adopt an eco way of gardening, read on to see some of our tips. 

1.Waste Less Water

    Reducing your water consumption is one of the easiest ways you can make your gardening habits more sustainable. The average lawn only needs about an inch of water per week, and many carefully chosen plants can survive on minimal watering. 

    If you want to reduce your water consumption you could use a rain gauge to collect and measure rainfall, that way you can ensure you aren’t overwatering your garden and wasting water unnecessarily. 

    You might want to also install a drip irrigation system, as they have less water loss from evaporation. Or, to go one step further, our landscape designers suggest setting up a rainwater barrel to collect water and gutter runoff, so you can reuse it for your garden.

    2.Use Less Energy

    As with water waste, energy consumption is another culprit when it comes to un-eco-friendly gardening. To reduce your energy use, our landscape designers suggest you use electric or push-operated mowers if you can. If you choose to install lighting in your garden, try to find solar-powered options.

      3.Choose The Right Plants

      At Landscape Machine, our sustainable landscape designers try to use native plants as much as possible. Native plants will be more hardy meaning you can spend less time watering and tending to them – meaning less energy and water usage!


      Composting is one of our favourite ways of making gardens more sustainable. It’s a great way to get rid of smelly scraps of food that usually clutter up your dustbin! Plus, you actually get to give the food a new purpose!

        Getting started with composting can be a bit of effort, but don’t be daunted. The process requires more patience than skill.

        Want To Know More?

        If you want to know more about eco-gardening, just get in touch with our landscape designers. We’ll be happy to talk to you about how we reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to gardening, and how you can join the bandwagon too!