Patio Installers

Decking InstallationPatio is a popular choice in most landscaping projects, the patio acts as a hard standing area in your garden, allowing you to entertain, offer BBQ’s and play a range of ball games. Our patio installers often fit the patio directly behind the back door, offering you immediate, mud free, access to the rest of your garden. Patios immediately add value to your home, and, when laid properly, they look amazing, and last a long time, with minimal maintenance efforts.

Professional Patio Installers

Our professional patio installers at Landscape Machine can design and fit a huge range of patio options. This includes natural stone patios, cobble sets and block paving. All of these options present their own benefits, mainly, they offer a variety of aesthetic finishes to suit any garden.
Natural stone is the most popular choice when deciding on a patio, if this is the option you are considering we can show you our extensive portfolio of work, and we can provide you with samples to help you make an informed decision.
Cobble sets are also a popular choice, these come in a wide variety of sizes and colours. Our patio installers have laid cobble sets in a range of houses, from Victorian terraces to new builds.
Finally, block paving is a popular choice for driveways. It is a traditional method that always looks great. Block paving offers a range of stone and colour options, and if you want to get creative you can use unique patterns.

Get in Touch for a Quote

We know there is a huge variety of patio’s available, we specialise in natural stone patios which generally consist of sandstone, limestone, slate, granite and porcelain stone tiles. Your choice solely depends on your own personal preference, but, if you need any help or advice our patio installers are always available to offer guidance.