Decking Services Chigwell

Decking InstallationDecking is a great way to create an entertainment area in your Chigwell garden. It also offers you a way to create a usable area over a steep or uneven garden. Decking is an extremely flexible feature, it can be installed in a range of stains or colours to match your garden. Decking can also be used to add benches, flower beds or planters to your garden.

Our decking services

We offer a range of decking services, we install hard or softwood decking, as well as composite decking.
Softwood decking is the most cost effective choice, we install softwood decking made from coniferous trees such as Pine and Spruce.
The hardwood decking we install is made from Yellow Balau, which is naturally resistant to insect attacks and fungal infestation. This timber is hard, heavy and strong, and so it requires a more intensive installation process.
The final option we offer as part of our decking services is the installation of composite decking. Composite is manmade from a mixture of timber fibres, plastic and bonding agents. Composite decking is often more reliable, it requires much less maintenance and it can last a lot longer than wooden decking, but it comes at a price premium.
All our decking options come in a range of shades so you can find the perfect match for your garden in Chigwell Green.

Contact us for a quote

If you are considering our decking services the best thing to do is get in touch for a quote. We will visit your Chigwell property and survey the garden, before offering you style and design ideas to make the best use of the space.